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EJ Series Part 10: ‘Just Stories’ and the Prism of Mixed Media Storytelling

15 January 2018

Sarah Marie Wiebe offers reflections on what mixed media storytelling with Indigenous youth can offer the study and practice of…


EJ Series, Part 9: Landscapes of dispossession – Examining adaptation and the persistent exclusion of the urban poor

11 January 2018

This article is based on a paper presented by Karen Paiva Henrique at the Environmental Justice 2017 Conference, University of…


Q&A with David Roesner on Composed Theatre

06 December 2017

David Roesner explains that “Like heat, music is invisible and incredibly powerful and translating research and stories about extreme climate…


EJ Series Part 8: The story of environmental justice and access to land for Borroloola community

09 January 2018

‘All over Australia, Aboriginal communities are mobilising to fight the forces of colonisation and resource extraction’. SEI Honours Research Fellow…


Food for Nought: Are We Sacrificing Quality over Quantity and Disregarding Taste Altogether?

15 December 2017

Masters of Sustainability Candidate Nicola Fernandes provides food for thought in her exploration of how the concentration of carbon in our…