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Heat waves, cooling methods and the research from the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory

26 October 2017

It often comes as a surprise to many that over the past 20 years heatwaves, both in Australia and overseas,…


Marine Protection in Cabo Pulmo – A Reason for Hope

02 November 2017

Masters of Sustainability Candidate Bertha Duek Kalach, shares an overview of the successful grassroots activism to stop overfishing in Cabo Pulmo.…


Great Barrier Reef Stories, Part 1: A Plan, Some Citizens, and Chasing Coral

18 October 2017

‘Great Barrier Reef Stories’ is a new blog series by Killian Quigley, who is thinking literarily about the stories we’re…


Implicatory Denial: The Sociology of Climate Inaction

15 November 2017

Exploring how and why people who believe in climate change choose to ignore it, and how people can be empowered to…


Sustainable Diets for Companion Animals

19 October 2017

Masters of Sustainability student, Marina Antoniozzi examines the sustainability issues associated with the humanisation of pets and their food. We…


‘Truthiness’ and the Adani Carmichael Mine

16 October 2017

Current political culture in the US, UK and Australia see politicians influence public opinion through appeals to personal values and…