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Keeping an Eye Out: When Wildlife Needs your Help

05 March 2018

“The most beneficial and effective reaction to wildlife, then, (for humans and animals alike) is to learn to share the…


Mutualistic Cities, Chapter One:
The Lightbulb at the End of Time, Part I

27 February 2018

“The relationship that cities have developed with the rest of the Earth System is essentially parasitic, and predicated on using massive energy…


EJ Series, Part 14: ‘Looking forward’ – Critical Environmental Justice studies and the Prison Industrial Complex

26 February 2018

A particularly pronounced way in which prisons and environmental justice come together is through the methods that the state often…


The Floor of Sydney Harbour

20 February 2018

“Over centuries, Sydney Harbour has figured as an invisible ecosystem, traditional country, an industrial underwater, and a place of myth…


Great Barrier Reef Stories, Chapter 3:
Reef Music

13 February 2018

I’m not a marine biologist, or a coral reef ecologist. My Ph.D. is in literature, and my research focuses on…


At the Beach: The Politics of Risk and Coastal Hazards

16 February 2018

“As a society, making better collective coastal risk decisions requires people with contrasting backgrounds and diverse interests to have time…


EJ Series, Part 12: Lock the Gate, Place and Environmental Justice

12 February 2018

George Woods from the Lock the Gate Alliance shares the story of her place and the work being done by…


The Humanities in a Time of Environmental Crisis

05 February 2018

Introducing HumanNature: The Sydney Environmental Humanities Lecture Series Amongst the many environmental issues that rose to prominence in the awareness…